7 Things About Pigeon Guano Cleanup You'll Kick Yourself For Not Knowing

In advance of any means of pigeon or seagull proofing is mounted, the world have to be cleaned and prepared. https://www.biohazardcleaningpro.co.uk/aberdeen/bird-droppings-removal/ Planning is essential before setting out with your cleaning challenge.

Wherever pigeons or seagulls are perching or roosting, they inevitably depart guiding a multitude of nesting products, sticks, feathers plus the dreaded piles of pigeon poop. It goes devoid of saying the more time the birds are in residence, the larger the mess left driving. As well as currently being Ugly, chook droppings are often acidic in character and may stain stonework. Deep cleansing ahead of the installation of the anti-roosting method is thus recommended.

Initially, package yourself out. Put on outdated clothes, preferably extended-sleeved tops, long trousers, waterproof sneakers and gloves. You might also like to invest in the pair of goggles as well as a dust mask, specifically for any hefty infestation.

In terms of cleansing products goes, it’s rather easy. Buckets, brushes, scrapers, bin bags, a lot of h2o and maybe a shovel. In case you have an extremely substantial number of dried droppings to remove, a hose pipe might be priceless.

A disinfectant spray is a necessity for finishing off the region. We advocate Chook Droppings Germ Distinct™ as not simply does it clear, but it kills off any micro organism Which may be lurking. Chook guano in its damp kind would not normally pose a danger in alone, but when it’s been there a while it could start off growing fungi and bacteria that may become airborne if dry, and cause respiratory complications if breathed in.

Cleansing kit

For easy cleaning, consider using the following products: bucket of hot, soapy drinking water or simply a hose pipe if you will find substantial quantities of dried droppings, a sponge and scrubbing brush, scraper and gloves, dust mask and goggles, bin bags, a disinfectant spray.

We recommend starting by spraying disinfectant spray onto the spots needing to generally be cleaned. Not simply will this loosen and soften the debris, it will even dampen down any dust that could fly all over when you start getting rid of it. Depart to soak in for the moment or two right before scraping the greater regions of droppings into a bin bag. This method may well need to be repeated numerous occasions. Respray all over again, scrape or use a stiff brush to more cleanse the world, And eventually respray and sponge down, wiping the realm clean up.

For larger areas it might be essential to make use of a hose pipe to make sure the many droppings are extensively soaked. The most crucial well being and protection difficulty for the duration of this method is not to breathe while in the dried dust. For tiny portions, guarantee all of the droppings are moist right before getting rid of.

At last, shower, adjust and sit back using a cup of tea for your perfectly-deserved relaxation while the cleaned regions dry.

Lawful disposal of squander

All fowl droppings must be bagged prior to becoming binned. Small quantities can be disposed of inside a domestic wheelie bin or at a council operate idea facility. Bigger amounts might be skipped as long as the skip corporation is definitely an “Authorised Squander Carrier”, which all reputable skip organizations are.


Pigeon guano can simply just be unfold about the backyard. It's really a incredible fertilizer and was virtually really worth its excess weight in gold in between the 16th and 18th centuries, a lot making sure that guards have been posted outside pigeon lofts to discourage theft of pigeon poop.